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Dog-On-It Convex Edge 8" Blending Bulk Thinning Shear  Our very own 8 inch Blending, Bulk thinner is a very quiet,
smooth-performing shear with ball bearing pivot.
Offset finger holes and a shorter shank give the
shear great blade action with less hand movement.

These super sharp Convex Edge hardened Thinners
are great for trimming. Use them like regular shears
on the end of the hair to produce softer, smoother
finishes to the coat, take away clipper and scissor
marks made by solid straight shears or clipper blade
cutting edges.

We have been told these are especially useful on
Maltese, Golden Retrievers, Doodles, Shih-Tzu breeds,
also Spaniels and Terrier-type coats.

Weight0.75 lbs.
Price: $92.50


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