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The Coat Handler Clarifying Shampoo  Clarifying Shampoo is small batch crafted in a pure,
mild base to clarify the skin and coat from dirt, oil,
stains, and build-up. The formula leaves the coat lustrous,
healthy, and shiny while brightening all coat colors.

For over 30 years, professional pet stylists, show breeders
and pet parents have trusted The Coat Handler system of
products for their diverse grooming demands.

Give hair a fresh start by deeply cleaning, purifying, deodorizing
and conditioning with our tried and true small batch formulas.

It dilutes easily and rinses quickly and completely, leaving
no residue to build up, Awapuhi Fragrance.
Concentrated 15:1 with hard water up to 30:1 with soft water

Weight55.00 lbs.
Price: $46.99


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The Coat Handler 15:1 Clarifying Shampoo Midwest Grooming Supplies & Service

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