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Safari Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake  Prevent your dog's undercoat from matting with the Safari
Double Row Undercoat Rakes! Awesome for dogs with extra
thick, heavy coats, the double-row rake features dual-length pins
for maximum performance. Your dog won't fuss during grooming
thanks to the gentle but effective rounded rotating pins.
Add this to your grooming routine to maintain your dog's beautiful coat!

- Deeply penetrates undercoats with precision tapered pins to prevent matting.
- Maintains a healthy, beautiful coat by removing mats and tangles.
- Single-row rakes designed for medium- and long-haired coat lengths.
- Double-row rakes tackle thicker, dense undercoats.
- Rounded pins offer added comfort for no-fuss grooming.
- Great for Long Hair.

Price: $9.00


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Safari Dog Double Row Undercoat Rake W6122

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