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Safari Cat/Small Dog Flexible Slicker Brush small  Give your cat or small dog the best grooming experience with
the Safari Cat Flexible Slicker Brush! This brush features a
flexible head that contours to your cat for all-over grooming.

The stainless steel pins gently remove tangles and loose hair
from every inch of your animal, providing added comfort in
sensitive areas. The extra-long pins penetrate deep into the
coat to easily remove loose undercoat and help reduce shedding.

You'll love the soft feel of the comfort-grip handle while grooming.
Brush regularly to keep your animal's coat healthy and beautiful!

Reduces shedding to keep your animal and home clean.

2 1/4" wide flexible head contours to your animal for all-over grooming.

Gently removes excess hair and tangles with stainless steel pins.

- Comfort-grip handle makes it easy to use.
- Keeps a variety of coat types healthy and beautiful.
- Stainless Steel great for short or long hair.
- Reduces shedding on all types of coats.

Weight0.75 lbs.
Price: $11.75


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