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Groomer Best Over Head Grooming Arm  The Grooomer's Best Over Head Grooming Arm makes
grooming difficult animals easier than ever before.

Made from 304 grade Stainless Steel, it will not rust or chip
like some other painted or coated arms do. Fully adjustable
on both sides makes set up a breeze. Easy to install,
everything clamps together with heavy duty knobs.

Multiple noose attachment points for easy positioning.
Fits on any table, 36 to 48 inches long and up to
1 1/2 inches thick. Includes: two Heavy-Duty Cast
Aluminum Clamps, two Grooming Arms with
Over Head Arm (with multiple attachment points)
Adjustment Knobs for installation.

Made in the USA.

Weight20.00 lbs.
Price: $449.00


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