Suction Cup  Safely restrain your pet or client in any tub
or bathing area with a smooth surface!
Use our Suction Cup restraint with
Stainless Steel eyelet to safely keep animals
inside the bathing area. Do not risk an injury
from jumping or falling out of a tub.

The black 3 1/4 inch Suction cup expands to
4 1/2 inches when installed and the eyebolt is
strong enough to hold animals of all sizes.
Our Suction Cup is easy to use, install & remove.
Best of all NO TOOLS are required and no damage
will be done to the surface of your bathing area.

Cable Grooming Nooses available in 14", 18" and 24"
lengths for an additional $5.00.

Weight3.00 lbs.
Price: $5.25

Optional Noose

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Tub Suction Cup with 14 inch noose

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