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Wahl Diamond Superior Performance Moser Arco Blade  The Newest Superior Performance 5-in-1 blade, is a replacement
blade used on the Wahl Arco SE, Chromado and Bravura
clippers that combine unbeatable cordless performance and
higher efficiency which allows the user to achieve quality
results every time. The blade features five (#9, 10, 15, 30 & 40)
adjustable cut lengths that are integrated into the quick-change.
cutting system

This new 5 position Diamond Blade features an
innovative carbon coating with the strength of diamonds.
This very thin, hard and extraordinary coating is formed
on the blade surface through a reactive gas vacuum
process thus creating a blade with:

-Increased hardness for longer lasting blades
-Lower friction for higher efficiency
-High-tech surface for smoother strokes
-Protective coating for lower maintenance

Many of our customers report of a nicer "finish" when using
this blade over the regular Arco Moser blade.

-Resistant surface for reduction of wear
-Self lubrication for longer cutting performance and blade life

Weight0.50 lbs.
Price: $60.99


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Wahl Moser Arco Coated High Performance Teflon Adjustable Blade, Midwest Grooming Supplies

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