Andis PMC-2 Trimmer  The Andis PMC-2 Trimmer is a powerful high voltage (220V)
pivot motor trimmer. Equipped with high-quality close-cutting
T-blade, adjustable may be zero-gapped to provide very
close cutting, perfect for shaving, trimming necks, beards,
moustaches & edging around ears.

The PMC-2 has twice the power of a comparable magnetic
Trimmers. Includes four attachment guard combs sizes
1/16, 1/8, & 3/8 (1.55mm, 3mm, 6mm & 10mm)

This trimmer comes with a Euro Plug (two round prongs)
and a UK Plug (three square prongs) adaptor.

This item will be shipped via the US Postal service
to APO addresses and shipping will be calculated
seperately from the website shipping calculator.

Weight2.00 lbs.
Price: $57.95


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Andis PMC-2 International Trimmer 220V Item #23265, Midwest Grooming Supplies & Service

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