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ULTRA WASH Coat Release Shed-Less Shampoo  Best Shot's most popular product!
Original formula for dogs and cats is
Step One of their legendary 3-Step system.
Designed to minimize effort and maximize results.

Eliminate the need for pre-bath brushing and
significantly reduce after bath brushing time.
Natural, detergent free and protein enriched
for all coat and skin types.
Low foaming for better penetration and quick rinsing.

Ultra Wash features their Coat Release´┐Ż formula
to free loose coat in the tub, especially
double coated and shedding breed animals.
Peppermint and spearmint essential oils provide a natural
deodorizer leaving the coat smelling fresh and clean.

Simplify your life, make your grooming more efficient!

3:1 dilution for de-matting, otherwise up to 6:1

1 gallon size

Weight9.00 lbs.
Price: $35.00


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Ultra Wash Coat Release Shed-less Shampoo Best Shot, Midwest Grooming Supplies & Service

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