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The Stuff for dogs Concentrated Conditioner & Detangler  The Stuff, unique leave-in hair conditioner,
dematter, detangler that is hypoallergenic
as well as non-toxic.

The Stuff conditions and protects a petís coat
while removing and preventing tangles.
Penetrates mats and tangles to save you time
during comb out. Silicon formulation repels dirt,
dust and urine so coats stay cleaner longer.
The Stuff is great to use on all coat types,
including horse manes and tails!
Available in two 15:1 concentrate sizes or
a ready to use 16 ounce spray bottle.
4 ounce bottle makes almost 2 quarts,
12 bottle makes almost 6 quarts of
detangling, conditioning solution.

Great for use on horses also!

Weight2.50 lbs.
Price: $13.75


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