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Circuiteer II Personnel Blow-Off Station by Electric Cleaner Co.  Circuiteer blowers are an innovative, safe
effective tools for personnel-clean down and de-dusting operations. These units are
PERFECT for industrial use at personnel
blow off stations, cement factories,
quarries and body shops.

Circuitteer Blowers provides a safe method
of personnel dust removal. They deliver
high volumes of air at low pressure unlike
compressed air which delivers low volumes
at high pressure.

Key Benefits:

Safer alternative to compressed air.
Efficient and cost effective to run.
OSHA Compliant

The Circuiteer line of blowers are the best
in the show cattle industry. This is one of
the most powerful and popular two motor
forced air blowers available.

Two air speeds, two temperatures
18 gauge steel housing
120V outlet for clippers
Available in twelve colors: see below, pink,
red, burgundy, brown, lime green, black,
metalic blue, orange, silver, yellow, purple,
hunter green or light blue.
Comes with a 15' hose & blower tip.

Two year manufacturer's warranty

Weight396.00 lbs.
Price: $507.00


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